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About Us

Colegio Calacoaya Tierra Nueva, a Christian educational institution, developing committed leaders who impact and transform their environment.

Our Philosophy

El Colegio Calacoaya Tierra Nueva como institución educativa pretende que el

alumno desarrolle integralmente actitudes, conocimientos, habilidades y virtudes para formar líderes comprometidos que impacten y transformen su entorno.


Instruir a los niños capacitándolos en el área espiritual, académica y física, dirigidos por el personal docente, a través de programas de calidad basados en valores y principios.


Colegio Calacoaya Tierra Nueva works with students from the Preschool to High School level, with the purpose of forming individuals who are comprehensively prepared with biblical foundations and solid moral values, thus fulfilling the precept of instructing them on their path so that they can be professionals in the future. and successful people affecting and being a blessing wherever they are.

Philosophy of Christian Education
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Our School, as a Christian school, seeks to do the will of God by reinforcing the education that students receive in their homes in the spiritual area and in general in all their training, constituting us as an institution that disciples and helps form the character of our students according to the character of Christ.

We want our students, who are the future generations, to develop the fruits of the Spirit in all their way of being and living. Our job is to provide the students entrusted to us with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can fully develop as people who fulfill the purpose that God has for their lives.


But he who looks attentively into the perfect law, that of freedom,
And persevere in it, not being a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work,
This one will be blessed in what he does.

(Stg. 1:25)

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