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Los estudiantes adultos
Registration Procedure

Colegio Calacoaya Tierra Nueva works with students from Kindergarten to High School level, with the purpose of forming individuals who are comprehensively prepared with biblical foundations and solid moral values, thus fulfilling the precept of instructing them on their path so that they can be professionals in the future. and successful people affecting and being a blessing wherever they are.

  1. NEWLY ENTERED STUDENTS: they must take an admission exam which has a cost and the result of which will depend on their registration. Request a copy of the previous ballot.

  1. If the grade is passing, the registration process continues.

  2. If the grade is failing and there is interest from the parents, an interview will be scheduled with the Area Coordinator to explain the situation and find out the reason for the student's poor result.

  3. If an agreement is reached and the student is accepted, it is necessary to sign a Letter of Commitment where the parents undertake to attend to their child's academic situation and improve their achievement. Subsequently, registration is carried out.

  4. If, in addition to the exam grade being a failing grade, the student has low or failing grades on his or her report card, he or she will not be able to register.

  1. SCHOOL STUDENTS: the registration payment is made and the requested documentation is subsequently compiled.

  2. In the case of new students who register at the beginning of the cycle, first collect all the requested documentation and then make the registration payment.

Everyone must fill out the corresponding Application and Data Sheet. The following documentation is requested from the student:

  • Photographs

  • Birth certificate

  • CURP of the student and parent or guardian

  • SEP evaluation booklet

  • Internal ticket

  • Certificate (when you start a level)

  • Health certificate

  • Good conduct letter

  • Commitment letter (if applicable)

Subsequently, the College delivers the following documentation and gives general instructions:

  • Information circular for the start of courses (entry and exit times; snack/cooperative management, etc.

  • Uniform costs

  • Suply list

  • General Regulations (emphasize that it be read)

Services covered by registration:

  • Documentation: report cards, schedules, exams, credentials, notices, etc.

  • Insurance against student accidents (home-school-home).

  • Incorporation/registration of the student to the SEGEM.

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